Sealand Community Council

First World War Centenary

2014 marked 100 years since the start of the First World War

Over the next two years, St Bartholomew’s Church Council is organising further events to mark the contributions made by the people of Sealand towards world peace. The church will host a series of exhibitions covering different aspects of Sealand’s development during the last one hundred years including its contribution to the war effort during the 1914 – 18 campaign and beyond.

This is a community project aimed at raising an awareness of the heritage of Sealand among the residents. It will involve the bringing together of local resident volunteers, neighbours and friends during a series of informal coffee morning type events to talk about the ‘old days’ and to become reacquainted with our common heritage. Were there always two butchers in Garden City? Who remembers the school in the marsh or Mrs Tricker’s shop at the end of Sealand Road where you could buy fizzy pop and get money back if you returned the empty bottles?

There is also a need for volunteers to help carry out research at the County Records Office to discover the facts behind Sealand’s development – the transition of the Queensferry Flying School into RAF Sealand, the building of Garden City and the building of the Welsh Land Settlement (Sealand Manor). The Land Army Hostel also has a tale to tell.

We want to bring people together and to regenerate the social networks which once dominated the area of Sealand.


The Legacy

The data gathered during this research project will contribute towards education and long life learning in Sealand through:


Proposed Exhibition Themes

2016 – The development of Sealand during the last one hundred years

2016 – The arrival of the Royal Flying Corps at Queensferry Flying Club and its transition to RAF Sealand – the first RAF Station in the UK

2017 – The 150th anniversary of St Bartholomew’s Church (15 Oct 1867)

2018 – Sealand’s contribution to WW1

Planned Exhibitions

Where – St Bartholomew’s Church, Old Sealand Road, Sealand, CH1 6BR (5 minutes from Chester on A548 and 5 minutes from St David’s Park Hotel A55)

Content – Sealand has changed dramatically during the last 100 yrs and few of the newer residents are aware of its origins. Exhibitions will aim to address this by depicting the history of Sealand through the use of maps, pictures and local family history.

Exhibitions will comprise of static exhibits, talks by local historians, a ‘Trip Down Memory Lane’ and coffee mornings.


Volunteers Urgently Needed

If this ambitious project is going to succeed it needs support from the local community and this means you.

Have you any photographs of Sealand as it used to be?

Were you a pupil at Garden City Primary school?

Did you work in the fields at Bee’s Nurseries or another of the farms?

Do you want to find out about your family history in Sealand?

If you would like to be involved in this project, or have a story to tell or photographs that can be used, please contact Mrs Jennifer Watson at

If you would like to join in with our research groups and learn how to search for information in the County Records Office please contact Mrs Jennifer Watson at