Sealand Community Council

Sealand Flood Wardens

Contact Details and Areas of Responsibility

There are nine  flood wardens in Sealand covering the northern embankment of the River Dee from Ferry Lane to the Tata steelworks. They are all volunteers who act as a communication link between the community and Natural Resources Wales before during and after a flood alert. They help ensure the flood warning messages are made clear across the Community of  Sealand and that they encourage local people to register for the free flood warning service available in Sealand on 08459881188. The flood wardens  help identify vulnerable elderly residents in the Community of Sealand and also help to raise awareness of flooding issues within the community and what action people can take to protect their homes.

The Sealand flood wardens have a link to a lead flood warden in Sealand and he has the link to the duty officer at natural resources wales in case of a flood.

Sealand Flood Wardens

  • Lead Flood Warden – Councillor Norman Jones – 01244 819883 / 07528 763538
  • Sealand Manor and Manor Road – Councillors Norman Jones and Mary Southall 
  • Deeside  Lane – Councillors Barbara Hinds and Joan Keith
  • Ferry Lane – Councillors – Mike Walker and David Wisinger
  • Garden City – Councillors Jean Fairbrother, Chris Jones, Norman Jones and Alex Lewis