Sealand Community Council

Garden City Post Office

I had a meeting with reps from Royal Mail last week in regards to the lack of privacy for customers, especially the elderly, at the refurbished post office counter in Garden City Spar. There has been a great deal of concern about confidentiality & lack of privacy by the residents. I explained this to the management but they were quite dismissive of my claims.  However after a lengthy discussion they admitted that their could be an issue at times for some customers. They have therefore agreed to put up better signage & mark out an area on the floor by the counter, as to where people should stand. This hopefully will give an adequate distance between customers being served & help with the concerns regarding privacy during transactions.

After the meeting I took the Spar management & Royal Mail rep, outside the shop & showed them the terrible state of the access road, at the side of the premises. There have been numerous complaints to FCC in regards to the pot holes along this road & how dangerous it is. However this road does not belong to FCC, it is Spar’s responsibility, as it is  unadopted ,  The rep from Spar at the site visit seemed aware of this & said complaints had been received at Head Office. I have asked for some repairs or resurfacing work to be done ASAP before their is a serious accident. This has been taken away for consideration.